Transformational Life Coaching

Connection, Clarity, Empowerment and Joy are the pillars of IKIGAI Coaching. Not only are they the guidelines that help you to achieve your goals, they are also the basis of my relationship and work with you.


There are three dimensions of Connection:

  1. Vertical Connection: Is the alignment with oneself - ones values, believes, needs. Being connected to oneself requires self-awareness, self-compassion and self-respect.
  2. Diagonal Connection: Is the relationship I have with the person in front of me: my partner, spouse, boss, employee, child or the waiter. Diagonal connection means true authenticity, having relationships built on trust, respect, vulnerability and self-awareness.
  3. Horizontal Connections: Is the relationship to the world as such. What do I think of the world? Of people? What is my place, my role here? How do I want to contribute? This is about your Mission and Vision.

Needless to say that they are all interconnected and influence each other.


Clarity is a result of strong connection on all three dimensions. Clarity could also be described as simplicity. If I am clear who I am, how I relate to others and what is my role in the world that eases my life. No more useless fighting, no self-rumination or self-doubt, no 2 steps forward and 3 steps backwards strategies.


The consequence of Connection and Clarity is logically - Empowerment. If I know who I am (where I am at the moment), if I know what I want in my life (I know where I want to go), I do not waste energy on useless tasks (I focus on what is essential to get me where I want to go to).  Hence my ship is ready to go and to carry me to my destination.


And finally - Joy. Why Joy?.... because it is not only about reaching your goals, it also matters how you get there. If you spent 30 years being miserable achieving your goals, it is probably not worth the price.

Take back ownership now and transform yourself & your life!

Just as Psychotherapy has become more and more mainstream over the last decades - so has coaching. It is hard to find a professional sports(wo)man, politician, successful entrepreneur or business leader that has not or is not taking regular coaching. Most people that excel in their domain are taking external coaches to reach their goals and stay at the top of their game. Taking coaching is not a sign of weakness, but the very contrary, it is a sign of self-reflection, openess and willingness to make the best out of ones life. By taking a trained, experienced coach you are saving yourself months, maybe years of struggle with yourself and allowing for rapid personal and professional development.


Coaching is an empowering relationship between a client/coachee and a coach. This relationship is based on mutual respect and trust and enables the coachee to find his or her own best solutions. As a coach I believe that the coachee has all the resources available or can create the resources necessary to transform his or her life. Thus coaching has nothing to do with advising or mentoring the client. A coach believes that the client knows best what is right for him or her and helps through powerful questioning to enlarge the field of consciousness. By reframing the coachee's reality he helps to set the right context for further growth and development.


Coaching is however not a substitution for therapy. As a coach we do not deal with traumas or pathological issues. We set clear objectives with the client and then take the client from where he or she is and support them to get the resources to achieve their goals. The aim of coaching is autonomy and empowerment.


Coaching is a gift to yourself; it is a commitment to yourself and the coach.


In order to support persons that have this sense of commitment I am offering besides individual coaching hours also coaching packages at reduced rates. Find out more about the coaching hours and packages below.