Great people make great teams make great companies

Connection, Clarity, Empowerment and Joy are the pillars of IKIGAI Coaching. Not only are they the guidelines that help you to achieve your results, they are also the fundament of my relationship and work with my clients.


There are three dimensions of Connection:


1) Vertical Connection: Is the alignment within the organization - ones values, believes, needs. What is my working culture? Do I have human resources or human assets? What is the leadership style lived?


2) Diagonal Connection: Is the relationship I have with the person in front of me: my business partner, colleague, manager, employee, supplier or client. Diagonal connection means true authenticity, having relationships built on trust, respect and self-awareness.


3) Horizontal Connections: Is the relationship to the world as such. What do I think of the world? Of people? What is my place, my role here? How do I want to contribute? This is about your Mission and Vision.


As a matter of fact they are all interconnected and influence each other.


Clarity is a result of good connection on all three dimensions. Clarity could also be described as simplicity. If I am clear who I am, how I relate to others and what is my role in the world that simplifies my life massively - less useless fighting, less waste of resources (time, money and energy), no 2 steps forward and 3 steps backwards strategies.


The consequence of Connection and Clarity is logically - Empowerment. Especially in companies this dimension has different levels. Not only is there empowerment through clarity (clear Vision and Mission), but also through empowerment of each single employee. Co-creation, intrapreneurship, psychological safety empower each employee, and as a consequence increases innovation and efficiency, decreases labor costs through reduced burn- and bore-outs, reduces fluctuation, increases the likelihood to attract and keep talent, reduces the likelihood of toxic employees.


And finally - Joy. Why Joy?.... because fun and work can AND should go hand in hand.


1-on-1 Executive & Leadership Coaching to:

  • enhance the capacity to deal with ever growing business demands
  • provide the skills necessary to lead in the 21st century
  • become the best leader you can be, while shaping your authentic edge.

I work with other coaches and coaching companies where needed to ensure excellence.

Workshops & Training

Workshops and Trainings designed to work on 3 levels: Empower the employee, empower the team empower the company.


With my dynamic, positive, humorous & provocative style I create an atmosphere of benevolence and challenge that facilitates learning and progress.


- The IKIGAI Principle - Discover your potential and shine! (2.5 days)


This training supports you in your personal and professional development by reflecting and identifying your personal strengths and inner resources, as well as how and where to use them. The more you recognize your strengths, values and motivators the better you can consciously create of your personal & professional development.


- Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop (2 day)


The 2-day fundamental workshop of Management 3.0 with tools, practices and support to implement agile methodology in your team/company.



- The power of good feedback (1/2 day)


This course allows giving feedback based on criteria that are neutral and constructive and will lift your communication to another level.


- Mindful Self-Compassion - How being kind to yourself boosts success (1/2 day)


Self-compassion is more beneficial to our psychological well-being than self-esteem. It is associated with greater emotional resilience, more accurate self-concepts, better relationship behavior, as well as less narcissism and reactive anger.

It is always a better motivator than self-criticism.


As a speaker my speeches turn around topics such as topics such as:

  • Conscious Living
  • Agile Mindset
  • Happiness/Purpose/Self-Compassion
  • Purpose for Companies
  • Personal Development in a world of AI
  • The future of work
  • etc.

With my dynamic, positive, humorous & provocative style I create a benevolent but challenging atmosphere, that facilitates learning, growth and that grasps the attention of the audience.


I am member of the Global Speakers Federation and the Professional Speakers Association Belgium.


Check out the event site where you will find pictures and videos of previous events as well as upcoming non-corporate events, or my speaker profile on: