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Sascha Siegmund

About me

Hi, welcome to IKIGAI Coaching.


I am Sascha - Trainer, Coach, Speaker and Founder of IKIGAI Coaching.


Being a discoverer of the inside & outside world, I am driven by a holistic approach to personal growth and development including physical and mental well-being.


After more than 15 years of international experience in different companies, sectors and roles my mission is to contribute to a conscious and connected world.


I do so by empowering as many people as possible to create a self-choosen, constructive and joyful life. By inspiring & supporting individuals and companies to unfold their full potential through connection, clarity, empowerment and joy.

IKIGAI Coaching

Empowering Humans

IKIGAI is an ancient Japanese concept from the island of Okinawa, where people tend to live long and happy lives. It "means reason for being" or "what makes you get up in the morning".  It is where Passion, Mission, Vocation and Profession meet.


At IKIGAI Coaching we believe in the empowerment of the individual; as we believe in its importance for the sake of the individual, his surrounding (private and professional) and the world as such.


Only a person that is autonomous can be a healthy partner, employee, boss, father, son, daughter, friend or neighbor. Only a person that is truly empowered can stand up and say ‘No’, if this is required for its own or someone else’s well-being or accept a ‘No’ without feeling attacked personally.


At IKIGAI Coaching we hold therefore high the values of:





Coaching and more

I work with individuals and companies to co-create a context in which they can grow, strive and succeed.


Through 1-on-1 Life or Leadership coaching my clients aquire the skills and insights necessary to act on new levels of awareness.


My workshops and trainings focus on soft skills that provide a real life impact and benefit (e.g. feedback, intrapreneurship, mindful-self-compassion, etc.) for the participants themselves and in their interaction with others.


As a keynote speaker on conferences and corporate events I inspire people to go beyond the restrictions of current thinking.