About Sascha

Hello & Welcome

Hi, I am Sascha - Certified Coach, Speaker, Trainer & Founder of IKIGAI Coaching.


My vision is a conscious and connected world, where individuals create free, constructive and joyful lives that serve them, their environment and the world as such.


I truly believe that the key to our own well-being and that of the world lies within the empowerment of the individual. Personal development, the creation of awareness, is the single most important tool to achieve this.


In my work with individuals, corporates and organisations I use coaching, training and speaking to create positive change.


This is a huge ambition, but as Confucius said: "The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” , right?  ;o)

My Story

I am intrigued by people…. I have always been. As a teenager I wondered, why are some people so self-confident; were they born like this? Why have some such an ease to talk to others, create a relationship and others do not? Why for some it all looks effortless why others struggle?

At the same time, I always wanted to understand the bigger picture. I read books about medieval discoverers traveling into unknown territories, ancient cultures and about philosophy and religion. What drove those people? How did they find the courage? What was the world and why was I there?

I guess this is why I loved Star Trek (Yes, I confess. :-o), sustainable development or the European Union. These were people that wanted to contribute to something bigger than themselves.

Originally from Germany I lived in France, the Netherlands, Belgium and China and traveled many more countries. During all these years, wherever I went, whatever I did the people, their relationship to their environment fascinated me most. People from very different cultural backgrounds, different ages and very different personal backgrounds opened up and connected easily with me.

After 15+ years in different roles and sectors in corporates and NGOs it became evident that I wanted to use my experience and passion for people to the maximum. Since 2016 I support individuals and organizations as a Coach & Trainer.

Looking forward to meet you.


Coaching & Training

  • ICF (ACTP) certified coach
  • Online Trainer Compact by Haufe Academy
  • Licensed Management 3.0 Facilitator
  • Courses in Mindful Based Stress reduction & Mindful Self Compassion
  • Multiple self-development seminars (Zurich Resource Model, Creative Facilitation, The Science of Happiness, Creative Consciousness, UPW)

Professional Experience

  • Job Coach in Brussels
  • Trainer for Personal Development, Leadership, Communication & Resilience/Stress Management
  • Compliance Officer, Account Manager in international Finance Institution
  • Event and Project Manager in Renewable Energies
  • Insurance Office Clerk


  • MA European Studies from Amsterdam
  • ERASMUS at Sciences Po Grenbole
  • BA European Studies from Osnabrück


  • Show Host at Almouwatin Media Brussels
  • Member of the Belgian Speakers Association and Global Speakers Federation
  • Voluntary Coach & Consult at Toolbox ASBL
  • Stipendiary of the Heinz-Nixdorf-Foundation for Asia-Pacific Experience
  • Certificate Global Financial Compliance (CISI)
  • 1st Dan Judo