Besides my work with companies I regularly give speeches, workshops and trainings outside the corporate world. They are a great opportunity to meet me in person, talk to me, get to know me and of course learn & grow in case you join. ;o).


Find out here about upcoming events or look at videos and photos from previous ones.

Upcoming Events and NEWS

  • In May I have been a guest at Paul Banas "Great Dad Talk" Podcast. Check out the video below.

Check Paul and his work out here:


  • Since April 2020 I am running with two English friends the "Men Don't Talk" group Brussels. A safe space for men to show up, share and be vulnerable. Interested? Join our Facebook group and attend one of our fortnightly Zoom talks.

Previous Events

16/09/2020 - "The Pursuit of Happiness" - TRAJECTUM Humanly Resourceful - Online Live Class

02/10/2018 - "Introduction into Mindful Self-Compassion" - Wise Holding - Brussels, Belgium

26/08/2018 - "Less Resistance more Growth" - Toastmasters Club Officers Training - European Communication Schol, Brussels

13/04/2018 - "Introduction into Mindful Self-Compassion" - Deloitte Consulting and Advisory - Zaventem, Belgium

24/02/2018 - "Giving Powerful Feedback" - Professional Speakers Association (PSA) Belgium

22/11/2017 - "Mindful Self-Compassion - Why Being Nice to Yourself Leads to Success" - Brussels Imagination Club

09/11/2017 -  "How Mindful Self-Compassion can help you develop" - MeetUp (Personal Development in Brussels)

31/05/2017 - Fear & Fail Conference Brussels - Generation Why Not

17/01/2017 - "3 Happiness Myths that prevent you from being Happy" - Serious Waffle Session, Brussels


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